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Centemy Sports Meet

Centemy Sports Meet is held with the objective of keeping ‘healthy minds in healthy bodies’ of the students. This inter-branch sports and games event of Central Academy fraternity is organised every year, with all the paraphernalia and protocol observed in any of the international sports and games events.

AOSA (Association of Old Students of Central Academy) SHAM

As the abbrviation is inclusive of the meaning, it is a mega-reunion event and is part of the Silver Jubilee Celebration of the school. To enjoy a cultural evening with the old students of the past 25 years, we organie ‘Dandiya Night’ during Navratra days, which turns out to be a gala affair. Dressed in colourful costumes of ‘Garba,’ the glowing faces of the alumni and a splendid ambience mark the occasion, replete with nostalgic anectodes of old students and teachers.

    Central Academy International, Sector 10, Dwarka 110075