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Educational Environment

Our classrooms and methods of teaching are very well managed and supervised. Resources and teaching materials in classrooms are easily accessible to students as and when needed. The students are encouraged to be responsible in every sense within an organisational framework under the guidance of teachers. Our classrooms are well ventilated and naturally lit with comfortable furniture. The activity display board in each classroom displays various artworks, craft works and informative charts made by students. Close Circuit CCTV Cameras and Two Way Audio System in classrooms help our principals to monitor as well as make important announcements for teachers, students and the staff during school hours.


Majority of schools are affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E.), Delhi, for Board Exams at Secondary and Senior Secondary Levels.


Central Academy is an ISO 9001: 2000 organisation certified through IAS which keeps quality policy.

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn" - Benjamin Franklin

Smart Classes

Our smart classes are supported by lots of visual aids and interactive mediums to engage children and hold their interest. We incorporate interesting videos, presentations and innovative methods of teaching to create a rich new-age environment where learning is fun. We believe in blending traditional classroom teaching methods with technologyenabled 'Smart learn classroom'; an effort that helps students retain memory of the concepts taught in the class.

Computer Lab

The school is equipped with a state-of-the-art Computer Lab comprising computers with latest configuration and with broadband internet connectivity. Every classroom is on LAN with ready access to high-speed internet through a central server and Wi-Fi. Each student has an access to a personal computer, offering assistance in his or her projects and research assignments.


At Central Academy, we have given special attention to our infrastructure. Our laboratories are equipped with the latest and most advanced facilities. Designed to stimulate creative thinking and ingenuity, our laboratories like the Science Lab, Language Lab, Mathematics Lab and Social Science Lab are set up in order to inculcate interest in the subject and understanding the basics. It helps make learning-teaching process more effective, interesting and enjoyable.


The school's nerve center for self-improvement and the hub of knowledge seekers is stocked with a large number of books, audio-video devices, CDs, Journals and Periodicals covering a wide range of subjects that are of interest to the students and faculty. The serene and cosy ambience of the library is a retreat for all the students to read, research or simply browse through an enormous collection.



Central Academy International School is envisioned as an institution that believes in 360-degree personality development of a student. It encourages mental and physical fitness by offering a structured, well-planned, well-equipped and well-formulated sports programme for all age-groups. Sports also help children improve social interaction, selfesteem and learn about fair play.

Music & Dance

We lay a special emphasis on performing arts. Dance and Music are wonderful physical expressions of creativity that make world just a tad better place to live in. From Classical to Contemporary, our children are exposed to various art forms performed across the world.

Art & Craft

Our highly accomplished and diverse faculty has been handpicked to unlock a child’s creativity. The art faculty of the school helps hone young minds in painting skills and prepares them to make extremely visually appealing illustrations. We constantly innovate in the art space to keep things fresh and exciting.

Cultural Events

We offer students a range of cultural experiences as events planned in our school calender that have a positive impact on their learning and allow them to develop openmindedness, curiosity, critical judgement and aesthetic appreciation. Competitions such as fancy dress, storytelling and recitation in Hindi and English, skit and dance competitions, etc.

Celebrations like all the popular festivals of all religions, Jayantis of great personalities and important national and international days are celebrated in special school assemblies. Annual day and prize distribution are a regular feature. These events enable children to become adults who are attuned to their community, playing an active role and are likely to participate in the nation's cultural life.

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